I am Ester Sjölin, designer from the Netherlands. In 2013 I obtained my Bachelor of Design degree at the Utrecht University of Arts and in 2018 I started my brand ‘sjölin ceramics’ here in Santiago de Chile. I create utilitarian porcelain products through plaster molds and liquid porcelain paste, and I also teach courses where I teach the technique. The advantage of working with ceramic molds is that this technique allows you to work in series, which on the one hand facilitates the processes, although in the end the work is just as arduous as in other ceramic creation techniques. During the process of developing my pieces, I played, experimented and explored the possibilities of ceramics, which makes each piece I create unique and unrepeatable. This is the key to the development of my designs and my products.

In 2019 I graduated from the Diploma ‘Sculpture in Ceramics’ from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, exploring my more conceptual side.

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