I experiment and investigate the compatibility of different types of clay with different percentages of shrinkage. This is fundamental in my creative process and during the development of my designs.

My interest in this started because of a random result that came out in a research during the university in The Netherlands where I observed what would happen to porcelain mixed with different materials. For my graduation thesis I started an investigation where I experimented with porcelain and earthenware which have different percentage of shrinkage. I made flat plates of the same shape and size, but with different types of unions and proportions of the two clays to see what would happen with these after being fired in the ceramic kiln. This resulted in a series of different deformed plates, a few broke but some were shaped to a functional plate: the deformation became function.

Continuing my research in my work I began to experiment with different techniques that exist working with ceramics. For the development of my products I work with plaster molds and casting slip clay (liquid clay). By working with this technique it is possible to work in series easily, however, I intervene each piece during the making process which makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

During my studies in ‘Sculpture in Ceramics’ here in Santiago, I investigated the modeling techniques and the possibilities and compatibility of different clays within a structure.

Due to the pandemic the classes of my courses are suspended and for a while I wasn’t able work in my studio on the production of my designs. But this situation helped me to create my new project which I developed during the quarantine here in Santiago. Inspired by the Japanese ‘Nerikomi’ technique, I create patterns with porcelain and different types of stoneware for the development of an exclusive collection with the name Nendo.

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